Dear St. Peter Family:

We are pleased to gradually transition our family back to public worship.  We understand and appreciate that physically returning to the church at this time is not appropriate for many of our parishioners.  We also want to remind all parishioners that the dispensation of Sunday mass obligation remains in affect especially if you are experiencing any signs of illness. 

For these reasons, St. Peter is committed to a permanent practice of providing digital (streamed) mass for all to experience.  We have taken the following steps towards providing this new service:

  • Researched multiple options for equipment, software, and internet services to meet our parish needs.
  • Recently invested in a new camera and hardware based on this research which is designed to minimally distract normal church services.
  • Currently implementing these initiatives including updating our website, populating our third-party video management site, and updating our Facebook page (more on that below).


The last missing piece is developing a team to implement these initiatives.  We are in need of five volunteers to this team and anticipate the individual time commitment to be less than five hours per month.  Team members DO NOT need to be members of the parish and there are no age restrictions.  However, we are looking for dependable individuals who have an interest in audio and video technologies.  We intend this group to be an enjoyable experience and will help give back to our parish and our community.  If you are, or know someone, who is interested please contact Carol at or (860) 345-8018.  We will be arranging training sessions in the near future.

We have developed three ways to view a video version of the weekly Sunday mass:

1) The 11:00 am Sunday Mass will be livestreamed to the St. Peter Facebook page at:

2) The video will be uploaded to the St. Peter Vimeo Showcase at:
The video will be uploaded approximately one hour following conclusion of Mass and will remain available to view on demand.

3) You will be able to visit the St. Peter website at to view church videos including the most recently streamed mass.  These videos will be available once uploaded to the Vimeo site (Step 2 above). 

All of this is new for us and we appreciate your patience as we work through this.  Again, we remain committed to keeping our parish connected, especially to the Mass, and will continue to improve our offerings.  If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please contact Brian Conte at

God Bless,


St. Lawrence / St. Peter